Professional computer repair services with guarantied quality.

Operating systems and software

Installations and re-installations of operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP and necessary programs for normal functioning of your computer.

Computer protection

It is always good idea to protect your computer from viruses, malwares and other potential dangers. Our skilled professionals will protect your computer data with ease.

Computer speed optimization

Properly optimized and automated computer will perform better and make your work and fun easier. Also you will get longer life span of your hardware.

Computer repair services

Computer repair services

Quality computer repair services with guarantied satisfaction of services. During computers servicing we are putting accent on user needs and automation of processes for better user experience and ease of use. Our software maintenance is optimized so you can avoid many of potential threats such as computer viruses, malware programs and computer trojan viruses. Satisfaction with our computer services is guarantied.

Computer diagnostic and recommendations

When there is computer malfunction in many cases it is not possible to see what is the issue and which pc hardware component is malfunctioning. Call us and we will determine what the issue is and provide you with appropriate steps for resolving the issue.

Affordable prices for pc repair

Our goal is to provide you with affordable prices for computer repair services which are adjusted to every household budget. Call us and get acquainted with our unbeatable prices for computer repair and maintenance services. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

We are trained professionals

We haven't picked our knowledge on the street and our knowledge is constantly improved so we can match and achieve great service when computer repair and maintenance is in question. Our personnel is user friendly and always ready to provide you with great advice's and guidelines.

General prices for computer repair services

General prices for computer repair services

Installations - re-installations of operating systems - 1300.00 RSD
Installations of programs - 1000.00 RSD
Networking - 1000.00 RSD
Laptop cleaning - 2500.00 RSD
Čišćenje računara od virusa 1300.00 RSD
Computer malfunction diagnostic - 1200.00 RSD
Custom computer assembling - 1000.00 RSD
House visits - 0 - 800.00 RSD
Advice's and guidelines - free :)

For all services not mentioned in this price list, please contact us.