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Search engine optimization trends in 2019

Do you understand your website visitors? Have you prepared for this year trends and advancements in SEO optimization of your website? Let us mention few important things you should pay attention to.

How to optimize size of images for your website online

Optimizing images on website is important part of website development as lower image size will result in less data user have to download when visiting your website and thus resulting in improved speed of it. Learn how to painlessly optimize them in this article.

How to protect Joomla site from spammers

Spam is the way of life on the internet these days. We will get spammed at some time. So how to we defend from it? Learn how to protect you Joomla website from it in this article.

Win commercial Joomla 3 templates and components for free.

Free commercial templates and extensions you say? Well not exactly you need little bit of knowledge for this. After all this is contest but it will be fun. Come and check all details in this article.

RSJoomla RSFirewall! and Akeeba Admin Tools Pro compassion

If you decide to additionally enhance your Joomla website you will definitely hear about Akeeba Admin Tools or RSFirewall! but how to decide which one to use? Read this article and decide what is best security solution for you.

What is hosting and importance of good one

Many people don't know what hosting is. We mean they know what website is but when we as developers ask them what hosting they want or do they have one or even recommend one, we suddenly become aliens in their eyes. Let us explain this for you.

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