SEO Trends You should get to know in 2019

Search engine optimization trends in 2019
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Do you understand your website visitors? Have you prepared for this year trends and advancements in SEO optimization of your website? Let us mention few important things you should pay attention to.

What many website owners forget is that live people are visiting your website and if your website is nice and dandy for search engines algorithms it does not mean it will be same with live human being sitting on the other side of the screen.

Understanding your website audience and finding their intent behind visit

When user visits your website and start browsing for content, services or products are you familiar with his preferences? Does he like to see images, video or text content? Is navigation on your website easy and are there elements on website that annoys visitors. All of those things need to be taken in account when making one website great for its visitors and thus making better conversion from website visitor to paid customer.

What is important is to make your website as simple as possible because no matter what you offer to your visitors they all want it to be simple and hustle free as possible. Yes it can be hard sometimes but it is achievable.

If the flow of visitor on your website is easy and enhanced for user experience, you will be rewarded by user and search engines.

Make sure to stop matching keywords phrases and make sure your content answers your audience when they engage in searching on their preferred search engines.

In ideal world you need to try to match visitors questions and anticipating what they are gonna do when you answer on their questions and provide enough follow-up answers related to your content, services or products on your website.

Think out of box and go beyond Google search

There are variety of websites out there and you should not adjust your website by following only general rules to increase number of visits and generate revenue of your website. Think about what are the best places for your product or services to be available and ranked well. If you are making apps make sure you are reaching your audience in app stores. If you are for example developer of websites be active in community that will reward your involvement by hiring you for your services and so on. When you summarize it make sure that you reach audience on markets appropriate for the services and products you are offering not just search engines alone.

Search engines see codes on your websites not website itself

What is search engine?

Well answer is: simply one algorithm programmed to explore your website using different methods which are constantly improved. So try to use tools for adding Structured Data Markup and tell search engines what the page and content is all about on your website.

Use appropriate schema markup on pages containing products, contact information's, reviews and other. If you are using Joomla! as your website cms here is one great tool that can help you with managing your structured data markup.

Content and quality content only

Several years ago when search optimization was based on keywords there was a major flaw with that as skilled developers and seo expert could manipulate search results and user would get content with low quality as rating quality of the content on your website itself was not so much developed.

Google for example responded and shifted its focus on content quality instead and thus old saying that Content is the King became even more true.

If you are writing content just to fill out the page and not actually thinking on its quality that approach will not get you far and that is accurate for search engine itself and visitor who is reading it.

Good content will generate links, sale and increase your reputation if user see the quality in it.

Now here is one example which we all encountered at some point. Are you not little frustrated when you search for something online and you search for solution and always get same generic texts on the subject you are looking for and not actual solution or answer on your online search query. I definitely do!

But when you find that website with proper answer, you remember it, bookmark it or share it in many cases. Not to mention you are gonna visit it again.

And that is the purpose of good quality content.

Website optimization

Faster and simpler website is not only ranked better on search results by search engines it is ranked by visitors also. When I say simpler I do not mean on make one html page looking like a wall and put only content on it. Make it so that user gets proper harmony on your page both with content and functions and not get distracted by things which are not important and in worse case leave the page.

And yes it is actually true that when page on website opening is slower that 3 seconds many users simply abandon it and try with different website.

This issue is visible when you use cms systems like Joomla! or WordPress and if you are careless and over stuff your website with heavy components and not do the follow-up optimization you are doomed to have these issues. Not to mention bad and slow hosting environment where your website is hosted.

Now website owners are in many cases looking on search engine optimization as process involving content, keywords and other general optimizations but keep forgetting that all those little factors are ranked all together.

Now here is one simple personal example:

While we have developed one website for our client, he have encountered on one perfect looking Joomla! extension for managing support for visitors, and we were blown with style of it. I mean perfect looking and eye pleasing component. So we went with it and guess what due to heavy use of JavaScript's and style implemented it was extremely slow and test users simply didn't wanted to wait for it load and abandoned the page and started sending mails instead asking for support instead of using dedicated part on website.

So it was good looking, well organized but slow and test users didn't care for how nice looking it was, they wanted to finish the task they envisioned s quickly as possible.

If you think rationally it is the same with every website out there no matter what the purpose of it is.

Little things on your website that will make difference

Have you noticed those featured snippets on Google search providing you direct answers on user queries or to say user questions?

Yes you certainly did! If it is possible try to implement question and answer boxes on your website when ever it is possible as it will provide good organic traffic leading to your website. Same goes with for example recipes, carousels, knowledge bases and many little things resulting in proper organic traffic leading to your website.

Yes those little things matter in 2019.

Website responsiveness

This is old rule but it applies even more in this year. Optimize your website for different screen sizes so you can provide users the best possible experience when visiting your website. And Google and other search engines are gonna reward you for that with better search results ranking.

If it is applicable think about implementing PWA design to target users on mobile devices with content on your website.

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps and it is technology for displaying websites like apps we have in our phones. PWA has limitations, but on the other hand it is improving. It can provide better speeds of your website and user-friendliness focused on content on your website. It can be great way for you to increase your SEO having PWA design in mind.


Now we have not even remotely close to exploring all the useful things you can implement on your website to improve your website SEO ranking but this is good start.

Let us know what you think in comments below or register on our website and ask us specific questions in our website support portal.

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