Maintenance of your website is one of the crucial factors for maintaining steady growth of your online business over time. Let us help you with affordable and quality website support services.

Updating of CMS systems

Updating and upgrading of cms systems such as Joomla!, WordPress and others is important task which will ensure safety and proper functioning of your website. We are taking every precaution to complete this tasks safely and ensure everything is working properly. afterwards.

Website redesign

If you own website which needs to be refreshed with new content or functionalities contact us. Beside affordable prices for website redesign as one of the criteria for choosing, we will offer you plethora of options and possibilities to improve your website.

Website optimization

Website speed optimization, website seo optimization will make your website rank better on search engines and provide better user experience. If you are using cms systems such as Joomla!, WordPress etc. this is a must to do task. Let us optimize your website.

Website maintenance and support

Website maintenance and support is important and will result in better search rankings (SERP). You will also make sure that your website is working as intended on all devices and on different browsers. One thing which Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu and others are always ranking better is good and unique content. You need to make sure that your website is up to date with latest web standards so you can keep up with your competition.
Beside affordable price for website support and maintenance services you can choose some of the available options which suits you the best such as:
- one time changes on your website
- support and maintenance of your website on monthly or yearly level of support
If you do not have need for regular maintenance and you need only short term website support and maintenance service, price will be formed upon complexity of the task you need done. Second option is regular maintenance and support for your website on monthly or yearly level depending on frequency and need for support.