Modern Parallax Timeline Slideshow

12 feb 2018 14:32 #1 od RC:Network

Za naše korisnike smo pripremili Adobe After Effects Modern Parallax Timeline Slideshow koji je pogodan za kreiranje predivnih video slajdova
Da biste preuzeli ovaj efekat potrebno je da samo odgovorite na ovu temu.


Modern approach to showcase your corporate achievements or timeline with the parallax effect
Can be used to showcase your company’s beginnings, history, previous year of business, important events and achievements of the business in a great way
Useful to sum up the last year to present at the company meetings, presentations or present the sales reports or sales achievements at annual meetings and show the progress of the project and display the major events that happened in a year at your business organization or corporate.
Also show your company’s internal best achievers or award winners, competition winners, main clients, and business portfolio
Along with the business and corporate themes it works great for all type of project like sports, presentations, family functions, timelines, look-backs, year-in-review.